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Linking a complete accessory range to world-class services

Applying years of experience, Prysmian Group offers a complete range of accessories for all types of energy cable. This is backed by specialist engineering services to help you fulfill any power system requirement or specification. The Group’s long and successful experience in HV and EHV cable systems has led to the development of a comprehensive range of accessories for extruded dielectric cables. To complement the Network Components product portfolio, Prysmian has established state-of-the-art Jointers’ Training Centre (JTC) facilities in Europe that offer specialized training programmes to all Prysmian customers and partners.


Click-Fit® plug-in concept is a unique system designed to connect high and extra-high-voltage extruded power cables for 72 kV up to 420 kV.


These accessories are based on pre-moulded electrical components, i.e. stress cones for terminations and one-piece sleeves for joints. Pre-moulded sleeves and stress cones are currently available for HV polymeric cables from 72.5 kV up to 525 kV and adopt the same design at all voltage classes.

Accessories for Fluid Filled cables

Prysmian’s experience in HV and EHV cable systems has led to the development of a comprehensive range of accessories and services for Fluid Filled cables, available from 33 kV to 400 kV and including: Straight Joints, Stop Joints; Outdoor Terminations (ODSE); SF6 - Immersed Terminations (SF6-OISE); Transition Joints; Fluid Filled Tanks; PFT Solutions.

Transition joints FF to XLPE cables

Low pressure fluid filled cable technology has largely been superseded by the advent of XLPE cable systems, however many utilities and transmission operators still have significant quantities of fluid filled systems within their network and will continue to do so for many years to come. Transition joints are available from 72;5 kV up to 420 kV and include: Single core compact design available for 123-145-170 kV; Three-core design available for 72;5-123-145 kV; Single core back-to-back design available for voltage classes.

SPEED™ line joints

The SPEED™ line joints are based on EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) and cold-shrink technologies, and are designed to connect two HV extruded cables in a fast and reliable way. SPEED™ joints are based on Cold-shrink techniques (factory-expanded on carrier tubes - both self-ejecting and non-self-ejecting) and are available up to 170 kV Um.Prysmian SPEED™ line one-piece pre-moulded joint sleeves are completely manufactured in-house. Each single joint sleeve is mechanically and electrically routine tested in the factory, according to the applicable standards. All products are available in both straight and sectionalized options.

Prysmian Global Product Portfolio for Substations

Prysmian Network Components products for substations represent a comprehensive solution to guarantee safe and reliable operations across the entire transmission chain. Every product incorporates 140 years of experience in the cable systems industry and an unrivalled track record. Key features common to all products are based on easy installation process, factory tested materials and intensive quality controls.

The Prysmian Substations product portfolio consists of:

Indoor Terminations (up to 170 kV), including: Gas Insulated Switchgear Sealing Ends (GIS) - Pry-Plug silicone rubber stress cone 145 kV termination and PRYMOULD EGS EPDM stress cone 170 kV termination – and Transformer Sealing Ends (TRAFO) PRYMOULD EOS EPDM stress cone termination.

Outdoor Terminations (from 72.5 kV to 170 kV), including Cold-Fit factory-expanded dry design cold-shrink silicone 72.5 kV; FlexDry push-on dry design cold-shrink silicone 123 kV and 145 kV; PRYMOULD TES composite type insulator outdoor sealing end; PRYMOULD TPE porcelain type insulator outdoor sealing end up to 170 kV.Joints (from 72.5 kV to 170 kV), Including: SixtySpeed (72.5 kV); OneTen Speed (132 kV); OneFifty Speed (170 kV).
Other Products, including: Link Boxes (both earthing and cross-bonding); Cable Clamps; Cable Collars.

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