Why Prysmian

Perspectiva General

Cada persona tiene potencial para dejar su marca.

Porque haga lo que haga, esté donde esté, usted será parte de una empresa que está colaborando para transformar el mundo a nuestro alrededor. 
Nuestro trabajo es un elemento esencial. Y es por eso que precisamos de personas que piensen diferente, que puedan resolver problemas, que sean resilientes y nunca se rindan, cualquiera sea el desafío.
Es por eso que apoyamos a cada persona en su desarrollo. Es por eso que estamos comprometidos con una fuerza laboral diversa, con la cual compartimos ideas que aportan diferentes perspectivas. Esto es lo que nos ha convertido en un líder de mercado y nos inspira una innovación continua, y así emprender un camino para llevar la delantera: es lo que nos reúne a todos. 


Discover what Prysmian Group is made of

Values have always been the focus in Prysmian Group, crucial steps to define our company's DNA.We aim to lead the industry evolution, combining our ability to develop people and business, in a clear direction while anticipating customer needs. Integration journey to combine different cultural backgrounds it's an outstanding work "made of people" paving the path of inclusion and valuing Diversity.


Industry excellence through our excellence

We embrace the responsibility of leadership. Providing our people with a clear vision and demonstrating the role they play in delivering it is important. It’s why our Leadership teams take the time to listen, to share their learnings and experiences, helping people across our business grow and develop.

Our leaders are driven by our values. And our leadership model is based on six leadership principles that aim to guide the behaviors of our employees to continue succeeding.


Diversity & Inclusion

As a Group with a global footprint, we take our responsibility to create an inclusive environment seriously. We have a culture of sharing, collaboration, openness and transparency which means we embrace diversity, and we consistently monitor our progression.

Each of our people has a unique skillset, perspective and capability that they bring to the business. We encourage our people make their mark on Prysmian Group by recognising the essential part that they play both in the business and for the world.